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Ming Wong

08 Mar - 19 Apr 2014

Bülent Wongsoy: Biji Diva!
8 March – 19 April 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters My name is Bülent Wongsoy. I am a Diva.
But here in Berlin, nobody gives a shit.
So today I want to tell you my story.
About how far I had to go for the sake of my art, my music! I have traveled far and wide, singing for people who would listen to me, in places where I can find something worth singing about!
People have tried to silence me before, but I will continue fighting for my voice to be heard! Even after I am dead, my songs will live on forever! I am a Diva, but in Berlin, nobody gives a shit.
That’s OK, coz this is where I have found my voice once more.
Come, listen. Let me sing for you. Kisses,
Bülent Wongsoy

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