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Peter Pommerer

21 Jun - 28 Jul 2007

Peter Pommerer
Sieben Engel, 2007
coloured pencil/watercolour on paper
92,5 cm x 132,5 cm
Peter Pommerer | Ich war im Hemd oder im Unterrock
June 1st – July 28th 2007, Tuesday through Saturday, 11- 6 pm
Opening: Thursday, May 31th, 2007, 6 pm

We are pleased to announce two new solo exhibitions. Peter Pommerer presents a room-sized installation in Arch 51 while Mark Wallinger’s 35 mm film The End is screened for the first time in Germany in Arch 52.
Peter Pommerer (*1968) fills spaces with room-sized wall drawings that combine graffiti, paper works, collages, photographs and labeled objects. Equally figurative as abstract, his cosmos of images consisting of ornamental, geometric and symbolic characters spring from Pommerer’s fantasy. His thematic spectrum ranges from plants and animals to female nudes and castles to heavenly bodies and angels. The perception of these heterogeneous elements forms the basis of a rhizomatic structure in which the gaze of the viewer wanders in all directions without lingering at length on a single point.
In his non-hierarchical, layered drawings Pommerer makes references to art history, mythology, cultural and societal phenomema as well as the world of dreams. With the title of his exhibition Ich war im Hemd oder im Unterrock (I Was Wearing a Shirt or a Slip) he cites Sigmund Freud from The Interpretation of Dreams (1900) and references an embarrassing dream in which the author is conscious of being naked. Pommerer is interested in the superimposing and disguising of perceptions similar to how one often only vaguely remembers what one has dreamt about. In this vein he shows large format Kryptoportraits drawn on the electroencephalograms of hospital patients.
The varying components of his installation offer up histories which – like dreams – always recur in Pommerer’s work and continually allow for multiple interpretations.

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