Carlier | Gebauer

Sara Barker

12 Jun - 31 Jul 2010

© Sara Barker
Window Writing
Exhibition view, carlier | gebauer 2010
"Window Writing "

12.06. - 31.07.2010
Opening: 11.06., 4-10 pm

Young British artist Sara Barker takes the frame as her point of departure in approaching drawing. She creates sculptures that cut positions into the space. Her fragile constructions, composed of newspapers, aluminium and other metals, create three-dimensional drawings, which produce new spatial proportions and generate thresholds. Barker constructs transitions, whose materials assume seemingly impossible stances. Held in place by the paint and newspapers layered upon them, Barker’s figures are never imprecise or sketchy. They are characters, bearing precise names that identify them as minutely detailed reconstructions of a context, as aesthetic descriptions of a relationship. Geometric parameters and mathematical precision recur in Barker’s oeuvre as the material qualities of unreal small components, and her sculptures tease out a meaning from these that apparently had always been lying dormant within them. Window Writing is the first presentation of Barker’s work in Germany. Works of Sara Barker are currently shown in a solo exhibition at MaryMary in Glasgow and will be on view end of June at the Zero Budget Biennial in Berlin.

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