Carlier | Gebauer

Sophie Tottie

24 Jan - 11 Mar 2006

Sophie Tottie | Red Pilot
A K Dolven | amazon and madonna

24th January – 26th February 2006
Tuesday to Saturday, 11 a.m. -18 p.m.
Vernissage: Saturday, 21st January, 6 p.m.

Kindly supported by the Norwegian and the Swedish Embassy

carlier | gebauer will be inaugurating two new solo exhibitions on 21st January.

Sophie Tottie (* 1964 in Stockholm) plays with graphic interfaces, abstract sign systems, images, symbols and scripts in her works. The exhibition space becomes itself a display, a “dense” interface both aesthetically and in terms of the information it conveys, its visual structure demanding to be read and understood. Her diagrams take pictorial material, which is often historically and politically charged, as their starting point and reference; torn from their specific context, these images render precisely the absent references visible. In 2007, Tottie will have a huge survey show at the Liljevalchs Konsthall in Stockholm.

As was already the case in an installation for the daad gallery in 2001, Tottie also draws on heraldic signs and motifs from flags in her most recent work to compress the various referential levels determining her research into one pictorial surface. Red Pilot is made up of a series of three sets of four paintings on transparent acrylic glass and an incomparably greater number of sketches and drawings, united by the shared central element of the red circle, which at first eclipses the differences between the individual images, covering them, reducing them to the background. This background is mostly greyish and indeterminate, only dimly revealing the figure behind the red. The title comprises another possible reference evoking a link to the Japanese flag, to the red rising sun; without being familiar with one of the many stories clustering around the symbol of state (for example that Kamikaze fighter pilots in the Second World War used a scarf with the national emblem as a headband), the viewers enjoy the privilege of accepting the confrontational challenge of the images and filling in the gap between information and meaning from their own distance, with their own singular perception and experience, with knowledge they are responsible for, engaging with the possibilities for interpretation that are offered.

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© Sophie Tottie
Red Pilot
10 Paintings (10 of a series of 12)
Oil, screenprint and acrylic on acrylic glass, stainless steel + rubber holders
Each piece: 100 cm x 75,5 cm

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