Casino Luxembourg

Ceci n'est pas un casino

01 May - 05 Sep 2010

© Patrick Bérubé
Demi-mesure, 2005
Courtesy the artist

1st May - 5 September 2010

Pierre Ardouvin, Robert Barta, Patrick Bérubé, Marc Bijl, Hermine Bourgadier, Antoinette J. Citizen, Courtney Coombs, Jacob Dahlgren, Paul Kirps, Annika Larsson, Ian Monk, Laurent Perbos, Letizia Romanini, Stéphane Thidet, Olaf Val

Right from the start, the name of “Casino” has been misleading, for one associates it with a place for gambling rather than with a place dedicated to contemporary art. Almost every day gamblers pop in at Casino Luxembourg in the hope to hit the jackpot. The title of the exhibition Ceci n’est pas un Casino ! (This is not a gambling casino!) draws from the ambiguity of the art institution’s name: it asserts through negation what Casino Luxembourg is not, while at the same time the works presented in the exhibition all deal with the various aspects of game, thereby annihilating the statement of the exhibition title. On the occasion of this exhibition, contemporary artists will convert Casino Luxembourg into an over-dimensional playground.

Curators: Jo Kox, Kevin Muhlen

Tags: Pierre Ardouvin, Marc Bijl, Jacob Dahlgren, Annika Larsson