Casino Luxembourg

Marco Godinho

01 Jun - 04 Jul 2016

Marco Godinho, A moment out of this time, 2012. Vidéo projection couleur, son. 15 min. 30 sec. © L'artiste.
Marco Godinho, ET (Le dernier dialogue possible), 2015. Vidéo projection couleur, son. 16 min. 44 sec. © L'artiste.
Marco Godinho, The End of Winter, 2013-2015. Vidéo projection couleur, son. 2 min. 40 sec. © L'artiste.
1 June — 4 July2016


The BlackBox, a new space for artists’ film and video projections is installed on the ground floor of the Casino Luxembourg and is dedicated to contemporary video, regularly renewing its program either with projections by a single artist or video collections of different artists on a specific theme.

Marco Godinho (*1978 Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal; lives and works in Luxembourg and Paris) has been compiling a singular world for close to a decade, alternating between reflections on our subjective experience of time and space and works suffused with literature and poetry. His experience of nomadic life, caught between two cultures and several languages, has engendered a sensitive exploration of questions of exile, experience and memory but also of geographic conventions, which he confronts with subjectivity. Installations, videos, drawings and participatory projects compose the map of a world where the trajectories reflect personal itineraries and address the question of multiculturalism.

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