Hello Goodbye Thank You

26 Jul - 01 Sep 2007

Installation view

Frances Stark, Bruno Munari, Martin Barré, Chris Marker, Robert Walser Museum, Andreas Slominski, Oscar Tuazon, Jean Luc Godard, John Armleder, Matt Mullican, Claire Fontaine.

Curated by Anthony Huberman

July 26 - Sept 1, 2007
Opening Wednesday, July 25, from 6 to 10

It opens on the last night I am in Paris.
There will be things that I have come across during my year here.
There will be things where arrival is a form of departure.
There will be impolite politeness, like Stendahl, kind of. Or like a soft handshake.
There will also be things that I don't like that I don't like.

-AH, 2007


Tags: John M. Armleder, Martin Barré, Claire Fontaine, Jean-Luc Godard, Chris Marker, Matt Mullican, Bruno Munari, Andreas Slominski, Frances Stark, Oscar Tuazon