Catherine Bastide

Alexandros Tzannis

10 Sep - 12 Nov 2011

© Alexandros Tzannis
Nissiros Volcano (detail)
The summer I got close to other aspects
10 September - 12 November, 2011

“As art historian notes «Alexandros Tzannis work positions itself in a field of neo-goth or post-heroic reference and sensitivity. His paintings are formed in a space deliverately ambiguous between smooth drawings and the process of painting and are also giving the impression of a reversed collage (parts are eliminated rather than added). In this way, the quality of Tzannis work seems to have the fluidity of a voyage; a voyage that ranges from the stormy symbolism of Arnold Böcklin to the landscape-painting romantisim of Caspar Friedrich, the sharpness of Dürer to the dready Neopsychedelia of the US West Coast art scene.

“Moments operating be­tween past and future, creating a blended atmosphere of past, present and future, anachronic and placeless sense, like the Italo Calvino’s books have. Using contradictions between high and low quality, between elegance and brutality, between the simplicity of the earth’s way of living and urbanity, my work operates a world’s kaleidoscope by making bridges and connect­ing ancient with modern and futuristic elements. Those practices make my work acting under cultural acrobatics and through the digestion of received cultural elements allow the construction of a new artwork using the left­overs from the past. “

Alexandros Tzannis

Tags: Arnold Böcklin