Catherine Bastide

... / Forever Young

24 Apr - 24 May 2014

Exhibition view
Uri Aran, David Caille, Bitsy Knox, Anna Mayer, Valerie Snobeck & Catherine Sullivan, Julia Wachtel
24 April - 24 May, 2014

Curated by Marie de Gaulejac

“- Do you know the Golden Ratio?

- The one about harmonious proportions?

- Yes. A cameo portrait is made up of rectangles. Everything folds out from the ear, with a little ball at the eyes forming an alignment, a balanced whole.

- The image is strange, as if frozen in time and space.

- Yes, but look at my mimosa: its leaves are moving. It’s a bit like what happens beyond reality.

- Are you talking about thigmonasty?

- Yes. Water moves along the stem, those are the motor cells. When they sense danger, they empty themselves suddenly; the flow disappears like it does at night.

- And now you’re talking about sap?

- Yes. Those little flashes of sap between beings”

“... / FOREVER YOUNG” is a group exhibition presenting the work of Uri Aran, David Caille, Bitsy Knox, Anna Mayer, Catherine Sullivan & Valerie Snobeck, Julia Wachtel.

If this exhibition were the story of a life, it would bear witness to the disenchantment of our current situation as if through a storyboard. The approach is to present artists unfamiliar with the idea of success, or at least with the desire for success.

Their stance integrates the norms, standards and techniques of belonging to the art market, but they gladly liberate themselves from it. Each of them invents parallel, hidden systems, imaginary scenarios. They create principles for archiving, a memory, a deliberate and consciously marginal construction, a sublimation of memories, of daily events. Essentially, they are writing a metaphysical story.

This group show at Galerie Catherine Bastide, offers a topography of feelings of both fear and loss. We intuitively adopt a position similar to the phenomenon of plant thigmonasty: withdrawal, retraction from the real.

"Turn our golden faces into the sun"”[1]

[1] Lyric from the song “Forever Young” by Alphaville, 1984.

Tags: Uri Aran, Valerie Snobeck, Catherine Sullivan, Julia Wachtel