Catherine Bastide

Jugnet + Clairet

28 May - 20 Jun 2015

Exhibition view
Square Roots
28 May - 20 June 2015

Jugnet + Clairet is a couple of French artists (Anne Marie Jugnet & Alain Clairet) living and working together in Brussels since 2013.

SQUARE ROOTS is the title of their upcoming exhibition at Catherine Bastide Gallery in Brussels.

They met in New York City in 1995 and have been collaborating since 1997. From the beginning their imaginative world was nourished by the landscapes and the culture of the American Southwest, where they lived from 2005 to 2012.

The deserts, the rareness of the information, gaps, intervals, interstices, tiny changes, anything that requests a special attention and a sharp perception, belong to their field of investigation, ... anything you normally don’t pay attention to.

Their vision is peripheral, they focus mostly on margins and backgrounds. Their work is about images, memory, light and screens, from the TV Paintings to the Cue Marks series, not to mention the Sunset series and The Still Life - Los Alamos paintings. Their work also involves specific protocols and processes reflecting certain modes of production and representation of the image.

Play on words and images. This new series, intitled Square Roots, belong to a body of work where language, mathematical symbols and images coexist. They consist in full-length portraits of plants, after a series of cursive drawings, on shaded backgrounds. The original figures have been enlarged and outlined in white like dropped initials, linking language and painting.
The fact that the plants are represented with their roots refers to the indian frescoes in the church of Acoma - the very same Pueblo Aby Warburg photographed when he visited New Mexico in 1896.

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