Catherine Bastide

Valerie Snobeck

18 Nov - 18 Dec 2010

© Valerie Snobeck
Exhibition view
19 November - 18 December, 2010

Valerie Snobeck works by dismantling her materials. She takes a mirror, and then through processes that include acids, scrapping, cutting and rubbing, she rips and peels the metal backing off the surface, resulting in translucent panes of glass, with only subtle traces of their past lives as mirrors. The results are fragile yet sharp pictorial planes covered and graced by metallic shades and shadows, and revealing moment of opacity, translucence and reflection.

Valerie Snobeck lives in works in New York. She received a MFA from the University of Chicago and a BFA from St. Cloud University. She will be included in an upcoming exhibition the Sculpture Center in New York in January and following in April at Galerie Catherine Bastide in Brussels. She recently had her first solo exhibition at Renwick Gallery and was included in A Relative Expanse alongside Francesca Woodman, Margarete Jakschik, Katja Strunz and others. She has had a solo exhibition at DOVA Temporary in Chicago, and been included in group exhibitions at Rowley Kennerk Gallery, Chicago; The Evanston Art Center, Evanston; The Soap Factory, Minneapolis; The Front Room, St. Paul; and Academy of Fine Art, Poznań, Poland.

Tags: Margarete Jakschik, Valerie Snobeck, Katja Strunz, Francesca Woodman