CCA Center for Contemporary Arts

2HB: What we make with words

01 - 17 Dec 2011

2HB: What we make with words is best described as a gathering; of the artists, writers, journals and publishers, local and international, who are generating a velocity in local artistic practice.

The selected artists all contributed to Volumes 1 – 11 of 2HB. However, by changing the focus from ‘writing’ to ‘making’ within their practice, the work in the gallery spaces will raise the question: how is writing a motor within contemporary art practice? Artists exhibiting are: Sue Brind and Jim Harold, Ruth Buchanan, Alex Impey, Paul Elliman, Kathryn Elkin, Hannah Ellul, Kate Morrell, Charlotte Prodger, Thom Walker and Rebecca Wilcox.

Tags: Ruth Buchanan, Paul Elliman, Charlotte Prodger