CCA Center for Contemporary Arts

Banal Inferno

01 - 16 Dec 2011

1 - 17 December, 2011

Banal Inferno is the first of four projects in CCA's new Vanguard initiative geared to supporting early career curators to realise ambitious programming and provide opportunities to develop practices in relation to an institution.

Curated by Benjamin Fallon, Banal inferno brings together the practices of six international artists whose production is united by an interest in the cultural effects generated by network culture. Resisting the technological fixation of an earlier generation of net artists, instead playing amongst the fading strong signs of a dying mass culture, these artists attempt to reterritorialise some of the mental spaces and flows occupied by an 'always on' culture.

Exhibiting artists will be Jeremy Bailey, Petra Cortright, Aleksandra Domanovic, Constant Dullaart, Jon Rafman and Artie Vierkant.

Tags: Petra Cortright, Aleksandra Domanovic, Constant Dullaart, Jon Rafman, Artie Vierkant