CCA Center for Contemporary Arts

Dovble Trovble

07 - 28 Jan 2012

7 - 28 January, 2012

Usually, artwork is exhibited, documentation is published and, if on a digital platform, the Internet becomes the means of its dissemination. It’s Our Playground investigates the cohabitation of the virtual and the real, by setting up a physical exhibition and an online one. The project will look at artworks existing in different mediums (e.g., sculpture and JPEG, installation and GIF).

There will be original artworks in both exhibition spaces from the same artists. Artists include: Aaron Angell, Anthony Antonellis, Alistair Frost, Tom Godfrey, Rachel de Joode, Aurélien Mole, Mathew Parkin, Ciara Phillips, Owen Piper and Travess Smalley.... Here comes DOVBLE TROVBLE!

Tags: Aaron Angell, Alistair Frost, Ciara Phillips, Travess Smalley