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Big Bang Data

09 May - 26 Oct 2014

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9 May - 26 October 2014

Is data the new oil, a potentially boundless source of wealth? Is it the ammunition for arms of mass surveillance? Or should it be primarily an opportunity, an instrument for knowledge, prevention, efficiency and transparency, a tool to help construct a more transparent, participatory democracy?
Big Bang Data explores the phenomenon of the information explosion we are currently experiencing.The last five years have seen the emergence of a generalized awareness among academic and scientific sectors, government agencies, businesses and culture that generating, processing and above all interpreting data is radically transforming our society.
We all generate data, with our mobile phones, sensors, social networks, digital photographs and videos, purchase transactions and GPS signals. What is new is that it is increasingly easy to store and process these vast quantities of data that detect patterns (of incidents, behaviour, consumption, voting, investment, etc.). This fact is very quickly and completely changing the way decisions are made at all levels.

Taking part in the project are creators such as Christopher Baker, Chris Jordan, Ingo Gunther , Erik Kessels, David Bowen, Aaron Koblin, Eric Fischer, Near Future Laboratory, Bestiario, along with investigators, activists, designers, educators, analysts, cartographers, engineers, economists, architects, communicators, programmers, journalists and many others.

New CCCB Beta exhibitions
The CCCB has created a space for exhibition projects that bring an integrative approach to the culture of the 21st century and the far-reaching transformations of the digital age.
Big Bang Data is the first in this series of proposals to address the areas of friction that these changes are introducing in the fields of science, technological and social innovation, and political, economic and cultural challenges.
For the five months of Big Bang Data, the expository space will also be a platform for meeting and debating this highly topical theme, with workshops, hackathons, education programmes and meetups for local and international communities.

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