CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona

Big Bang Data

07 Apr - 14 Aug 2017

Prague / DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art
7 April - 14 August 2017

Curators: Olga Subirós, José Luis de Vicente

With over 280.000 visitors after its journey through the CCCB, Fundación Telefónica Madrid, Somerset House, ArtScience Museum and Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Lima, the exhibition Big Bang Data is now being presented at the DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague.

Big Bang Data is a project curated by Olga Subirós and Jose Luis de Vicente that explores the recent phenomenon of the data explosion in which we are now immersed. The last five years have seen a widespread awareness among academic and scientific sectors, government administrations, business and culture that generating, processing and interpreting data is radically changing our society.

It is now practically normal to own devices that facilitate communications and change consumer patterns, but which are also continually producing data. What Big Bang Data highlights is the growing ease of storing and processing data, creating patterns of consumption and behaviour. Today, it is impossible to separate decision-making from this fact.

Taking part in the project are creators such as Christopher Baker, Chris Jordan, Ingo Gunther, Erik Kessels, Aaron Koblin and Eric Fischer, as well as researchers, activists, designers, educators, analysts, cartographers, engineers, economists, architects, communicators, programmer, journalists and many more.

Plus, London-based designer, creator and researcher Timo Arnall has created a surprising installation specially for the exhibition, showing us the more architectural and material aspects of data centres, large-scale infrastructures that store millions and millions of data. Take a virtual visit to this installation by watching this film of just over a minute.

Tags: Christo, Ingo Gunther, Chris Jordan, Erik Kessels, Aaron Koblin