Contemporary Fine Arts

Cecily Brown

28 Aug - 26 Sep 2015

© Cecily Brown
Sunset Motel, 2015
oil on linen
104 x 277 cm / 41 x 109"
The Sleep Around and The Lost And Found
28 August - 26 September 2015

Contemporary Fine Arts is pleased to announce the fourth solo exhibition of nine new works by Cecily Brown (*1969, London).

Cecily Brown’s paintings are often described as works which move between figuration and abstraction – a distinction and categorisation, which interestingly does not arise for the artist herself, who instead wants “the best of both worlds” and “not to describe, but rather invent”. The brushstrokes on the linen are so fluidly and virtuosically placed, the viewer gets the feeling that something organic and alive has taken possession of the painting’s surface. The works initially appear as a whole – it is at first almost impossible to decipher an anchor or point of repose - and thus demands extended viewing. Cecily Brown is inspired by the study of old and new masters. Hogarth and de Kooning play particularly significant roles in this preoccupation, as well as Bosch, Breughel, Degas and Goya, to name just a few. Compositionally however icons of pop-culture, such as record covers can equally play a god fatherly role for the beginnings of a painting, whose finial result the artist never imagines in advance.

A catalogue will be published by Snoeck Verlag on the occassion of the exhibition with a text from Terry Myers.

Cecily Brown lives and works in New York. Solo exhibitions of the artist have been showcased at the Hirschhorn Museum, Washington, the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, the Kestnergesellschaft, Hanover, the Reina Sofia, Madrid, the Kunsthalle Mannheim, the Gemeente Museum, the Hague, the Macro, Rome and the Deichtorhallen, Hamburg.

On 18 September, during „Berlin Art Week“, from 6 until 8 pm, there will be a reception in the gallery space in the presence of the artist.

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