Chantal Crousel

Abraham Cruzvillegas

24 Oct - 23 Nov 2013

© Abraham Cruzvillegas
Autodestrucción 3 : Mots et choses, 2013
Iron, stainless steel, nylon rope, painted wood, glass, paper, ink, peyote, rubber, copper, fiberglass, plastic
540 x 306 x 100 cm | 17' 8" 5/8 x 10' 4/8 x 3' 3" 3/8
Autodestrucción 3: Avant et après le voyage de AA à la terre rouge
24 October - 23 November 2013

Following the idea of the definitely unfinished transformation of individual identity from his Autoconstrucción series, Abraham Cruzvillegas presents the third chapter of a new saga: Autodestrucción.

In this case, without any literal representation or figuration, a historical reference is at the very heart of his research: before and after Antonin Artaud’s travel to Mexico.

Chihuahua, a land in the north of Mexico- idealized by Artaud because of the resistance of Rarámuri culture to Western civilization- now houses drug lords, sweat shops, serial feminicide, migrant abuse, corruption, degradation of indigenous people, along with some other human rights violations. In the long term, this destination dreamed by the author of ‘The theatre of cruelty’, has also evolved a lot itself, not necessarily in terms of progress, which happens permanently to human kind. Escaping from oneself, cancelling a part of what we believe we are, erasing fundamental fragments of our identities, to withdraw or to fall back into our habits and vices, to abandon what we value the most, stopping ‘normal’ life, to call off, to terminate ourselves, to self destroy as a necessary means to fulfill life, to become, to be.

Using natural elements and materials from demolition sites, a new set of sculptures will be improvised in the streets of Paris -at specific spots where the poet was immersed in the 1930s. They will be presented at the gallery, exhibited along with other images and evidences of transformation, both in the mind of a sublime transgressor, and in the soul of the landscape we live in.

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