Chantal Crousel

Bijoux de famille

21 Feb - 11 Apr 2009

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Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Broodthaers, Robert Filliou, James Lee Byars, Sigmar Polke,
Hans-Peter Feldmann, Georg Herold, Isa Genzken, Richard Prince, Mona Hatoum,
Mike Kelley, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jutta Koether, Heimo Zobernig, Fabrice Gygi,
Tonico Lemos Auad, Wolfgang Tillmans, Seth Price, Isabelle Cornaro, Ligia Dias
Danh Vo, Figure de reliquaire Byeri (Fang-Ntoumou)

“I am very fond of gold, because it is symbolic.
I look at gold in a disinterested way;
Gold is like the sun, it is unalterable.”
Marcel Broodthaers

“I believe enormously in eroticism, because it is something truly general throughout the world, something that everyone understands. It replaces, if you wish, what other Literary Schools call Symbolism, Romanticism. It could be another “ism”, so to speak.
I don’t endow it with any personal signification but, basically, it is a real way to bring to light things that are constantly hidden – and they aren’t necessarily erotic – because of the Catholic religion, because of the social rules. To be able to reveal them and to place them at everyone’s disposal, I think this is important, because it is the basis of everything, and no one talks about it.”
Marcel Duchamp

Tags: Tonico Lemos Auad, Marcel Broodthaers, James Lee Byars, Isabelle Cornaro, Marcel Duchamp, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Robert Filliou, Isa Genzken, Fabrice Gygi, Mona Hatoum, Georg Herold, Thomas Hirschhorn, Mike Kelley, Jutta Koether, Sigmar Polke, Seth Price, Richard Prince, Wolfgang Tillmans, Danh Vo, Heimo Zobernig