Chantal Crousel

Group Exhibition

27 Jun - 04 Sep 2007

Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, Reena Spaulings
Film transferred on DVD
Colour, no sound
20 min 07
Bernadette Corporation, Claire Fontaine, Mario Garcia Torres
Wade Guyton, Sherrie Levine, Reena Spaulings, Rirkrit Tiravanija
“ Someone esle with my fingerprints “*

This exhibition is about filiation, reincarnation, copyright and appropriation of forms and pre-existing works.

Some artists show no reservations in applying their own signs of identification on an emblematic image, nor do they hesitate to arrogate the making of an anterior work. Those artists bring us to question the auras of those historic pieces, and the intensity of our attachment to those images and cultural symbols over which there seems to be a common consent of adoration.

Those works’ deferential irony mocks, fools and uses our heritage and our value-added system. By renewing historical actions, they manage to assess their reach and how relevant they can be in a new productive and re-productive system, and they hereby pioneer a new creation and consumption system.

*: Title given to a traveling exhibition curated by Wilhem Schürman in 1997; that title itself initially came from a picture by the Californian artist Meg Cranston.

Tags: Bernadette Corporation, Meg Cranston, Claire Fontaine, Wade Guyton, Sherrie Levine, Reena Spaulings, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Mario Garcia Torres