Christian Ehrentraut

Nicola Samori

28 Oct - 17 Dec 2011

© Nicola Samori
god turn all these things to the best, 2011
oil on wood
50 x 70 cm
28 October - 17 December, 2011

We are pleased to invite you to „Imaginifragus“, Nicola Samoris’s first German solo exhibition at the Gallery Christian Ehrentraut, on October 28th.

Samori’s works often refer to Italian 17th century painting by the selection of motives as well as by his painting technique. Still lifes, portraits, devotional paintings and landscapes develop through enormous technical skills over a long span of time and through numerous layers of paint on copper, wood or canvas. But Samori withholds the imaginary „finished“ painting from us and reverses the process of origin drastically: He purposely destroys the image surface, attacks selected parts with a palette-knife, with diluent or with his bare hands until he tears off the (oil-)skin from his painted figures. Physicalness and the body are most important for Samori’s paintings and the process of skinning stresses this importance. Samori builds up his „body of work“ with an abundance of art-historical references and masses of paint just to forcefully destroy them. By focusing on the materiality and artificiality of the image, Samori negates classical represenation and questions painting itself.

Nicola Samori was born in Forli, Italy, in 1977 and studied at the Accademia d'Arte in Bologna. He lives and works in Bagnacavallo near Ravenna, Italy. Samorì exhibited in numerous international institutions and museums, most recently in the controversially discussed Italian Pavillon at the 54. Biennale di Venecia. In November, he will exhibit at Pallazzo Reale in Milano in a group exhibition with Nicola De Maria, Mimmo Paladino and Ettore Spalletti. Kunsthalle Tübingen scheduled a solo show of Samori for autumn 2012. To prepare for his first German solo exhibition at Galerie Christian Ehrentraut, Samorì moved his studio from Italy to Berlin temporarily. All works for „Imaginifragus“ were finished in Berlin.
An etching in an edition of twelve will be published on the occasion of the exhibition.

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