Christina Wilson

Anastasia Ax

19 Nov - 22 Dec 2010

Installation view
19 November - 22 December

Galleri Christina Wilson is also pleased to present Anastasia Ax's exhibition Exile in our project room, in which Ax is showing drawings and sculptures.

Anastasia Ax's (b. 1979) oeuvre revolves around the problematic human condition: we need each other, yet we kill each other; we set up external barriers against the things we are afraid of, and yet in reality it is our inner conflicts that are the problem, and we are condemned to live our entire lives in the awareness that we must die! The artist questions monuments to man's greatness, regarding them instead as mute symbols and prisons.

In her drawings, Ax addresses the theme of a Rousseauesque return to the noble savage, with references to cave paintings and to a time before humans became sophisticated and alienated from themselves by the awareness of their own fate.

A significant part of the artist's production consists of performances, in which Ax spits black ink over white paper and sculptures. Afterwards, the works appear as though scorched with black bile. Anastasia Ax's form language stems from this physicality of form generation, and her expressive idiom is also revealed by her dark drawings in the series Exile. Ax shows how the interior can be turned outward, and how the surface cracks and crumbles in her sculptures.

Anastasia Ax trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. She is represented at the Carnegie Art Award this year, and in the collection of Moderna Museet, Stockholm.