Christina Wilson

Kaspar Bonnén

20 Jan - 11 Mar 2006

"There is a Path"

20 January – 11 March 2006
Opening Friday January 20, 5-7 pm.

It is with great pleasure we are able to present Kaspar Bonnén's (*1968) first one-man exhibition at Galleri Christina Wilson.
For the exhibition There is a Path, Bonnén has chosen to show a total installation. Bonnén has painted the gallery walls, which thereby provide an active backdrop for his paintings, sculptures and prints:
"In my exhibition, I attempt to induce the observer to enter a mental landscape which is partly a cave, but also a space, in which innumerable spaces along all the walls are present as flickering possibilities. The observer is led along a corridor which is filled with heads, texts and photographs into a room where the walls are painted in many colours, as spaces that both extend the accessible gallery space and transform it into a sensuous cave. On the walls hang three to four other works ? paintings and computer-processed photographs, which in various ways lead the observer into a complex and multifaceted world of imagery in which materials, spaces and stories overlap.
In this room are a number of plinths which are also sculptures, and in which narratives and everyday objects are mixed together. The sculptures stand in connection with the corridor that leads us into the room, and for me they represent various remnants and images stored in the consciousness. The sculptures thereby become things that "lie between" or span the range from symbolic representations to waste from the consciousness.
For me, the corridor is a gateway leading from one space to another, a pathway from one state of consciousness to another. A birth, or in more humble terms, a change. I have earlier created sculptural works and paintings based on the sentence "I thought that everything would change". I see my exhibition as a physical staging of this need in human beings.”
The exhibition provides an opportunity to see the breadth of Kaspar Bonnén's art. In formal terms he masters both flat, graphic painting and heavy pastose, where the colours are laid on thickly and the shapes blend into one another. His motifs are often drawn from daily life – the domestic, private sphere or the longing for something else. He can switch fluidly from one medium to another – photography, ceramics, painting or sculpture – and he always manages to raise the banal to art.
Kaspar Bonnén trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, and has earlier exhibited in both Denmark and abroad. Bonnén's works are represented at Statens Museum for Kunst (Denmark’s national gallery), and at the art museums Arken in Ishøj and Aros in Aarhus. His works have also been sold to several private collections abroad. In February 2006, he will be exhibiting as part of Kørners Kontor (Tal R, Kirstine Roepstorff, John Kørner and Kaspar Bonnén) at the gallery Patricia Low Contemporary in Gstaad, Switzerland. Besides his visual art, Bonnén has also published a series of collections of poetry.

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