Christina Wilson

Kaspar Bonnén

07 Sep - 18 Oct 2007

"THE I MUSEUM and the revolution of our secrets"

7 September - 18 October 2007

It is a great pleasure to be able to present Kaspar Bonnén's (*1968) exhibition THE I MUSEUM and the revolution of our secrets. The exhibition consists of a number of new paintings, in which Bonnén continues his earlier studies of space, investigating how the various spaces in which we move – both physical and psychological – influence each other and our stories about ourselves.
Previously, the spaces in Kaspar Bonnén's paintings have often been abstract, devoid of human life and clear symbols, in which he expanded the physically accessible space by allowing the surfaces and colours to move in and out of each other, and thereby creating a sensuous and open space for remembrance. In his new paintings, the observer can no longer in the same way take possession of the spaces for remembrance; they have been overtaken by graphic narratives and bodies that slip in and out between each other in sliding movements. In his paintings we encounter some of the greatest thinkers of modernism, such as Nietzsche, Freud, Einstein and Marx, and we see people demonstrating, couples making love, a cowboy performing and works of art displayed in showcases. Just as the transition zone between the abstract and the graphic spaces in Bonnén's paintings is fluid, we find theoretical, revolutionary, intimate, scenic and museum spaces all performing unimpeded together at one and the same time.
With THE I MUSEUM and the revolution of our secrets, Kaspar Bonnén has created a kind of 'psycho-museum' space, in which the "I" does not speak of its most intimate feelings while lying on the famous couch, but rather howls out its thoughts and feelings to the whole world in a simultaneously steady and frozen stream. The secrets are no longer hidden, but have taken over – though without apparently wishing to create any rapid and thoroughgoing change, or showing the slightest desire to create a new order.

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