Christina Wilson

Lui Mokrzycki

06 May - 01 Jun 2011

© Lui Mokrzycki
Circular Signals (still image), 2011
video, 3.52 min, loop
Circular Signals in a Lost Horizon
6 May – 1 June 2011

It gives us great pleasure to be able to present a solo exhibition by the Danish artist Lui Mokrzycki in the gallery's project room. In the exhibition Circular Signals in a Lost Horizon, Mokrzycki shows both new photographic works and a new film. The works take their starting-point in a mythical tale of a lost ship, which in the early 20th century set sail for unknown waters between Alaska and West Greenland, with the goal of attempting to find a route through the Northwest Passage. The story of the lost ship serves as a catalyst for the narrative of an opaque world, where everything is not charted and where undiscovered places still exist. The works contain an ambiguity and explore the notion of the unclear through the way in which they are constructed. The observer is placed on an expedition into unknown territory, in which the works function as places of remembrance and landmarks for the trip.

A common feature of Mokrzycki's projects is his interest in experimental film and photography, but also in places and stories, and in how these can be experienced and encountered in different ways. He operates in the field between the recognisable and the abstract, between the image and the story, and often creates works that are poised between a narrative history and a more deconstructed and abstract tale. His works are frequently built up around a series of hints and indications, which, like a classic detective story, both reveal evidence of an action and at the same time raise new questions.

In his works, Mokrzycki creates a well-composed and highly disciplined visual expression that appears both direct and easily readable, but is at the same time mysterious and complex. The viewer may attempt to decode the various recognisable elements and create an explanatory narrative between the works, but is left with a puzzle: is what we recognise in the motifs real, or merely a construction?

Lui Mokrzycki (b. 1981) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 with an extremely interesting and captivating installational film work. In the summer of 2010 he took part in the group exhibition Anstrøg – unge kunstnere på spring ('Strokes - young artists spring forth') at Galleri Christina Wilson. He has also participated in several other group exhibitions over the past few years, including at Kunsthallen Nikolaj in Copenhagen. Mostly recently, he has held a solo exhibition at Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen.