Christina Wilson

Peter Linde Busk

16 Apr - 29 May 2010

"Bold as a Lunatic Troupe of Demons in Drunken Parade"

Galleri Christina Wilson has been looking forward to being able to show this solo exhibition with Peter Linde Busk, ever since he graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, London, in the summer of 2009. The works exhibited include paintings, collages on canvas and works on paper.

Peter Linde Busk possesses his own distinctive visual idiom which simultaneously explores and challenges the current state of figurative painting. The works are well-composed orgies of colour, producing a visually sensual kaleidoscope of patterns, hatching and other systematic techniques which conceal or reveal a human-like form. This allows Busk to explore the borderland where figuration ends and becomes abstraction.

A central motif in Peter Linde Busk's works is the portrait, not as recognisable figuration, but as a painted representation of mental states. The main subjects of his portraits are not typical heroic figures – on the contrary. Through his visual compositions, Busk attempts to convey universal human states such as melancholy, despair, fear, defeat, cunning masculine identity and self-understanding, and even insanity.

Bold as a Lunatic Troupe of Demons in Drunken Parade refers to Charles Baudelaire's poem "The Vampire" from the poetry collection Les Fleurs du Mal. Like Baudelaire, Peter Linde Busk is fascinated by human decrepitude and states of exile. He is interested in the art of persons with psychiatric problems, as for example described in Hans Prinzhorn's book Artistry of the Mentally Ill (1921) – an interest he shares with the Danish painters who were part of the COBRA movement. The expressive idiom of these well-known painters, along with lesser-known artists such as Henry Darger, Adolf Wölfli and Martin Ramirez, inspired Peter Linde Busk.

Peter Linde Busk (b. 1973, Copenhagen) lives in Berlin. He received his Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art at the Royal Academy, London, in the summer of 2009. Peter Linde Busk is represented in several large international collections, including the Saatchi Collection, London and the Rubell Family Collection in Miami.

Tags: Peter Linde Busk, Henry Darger, Martin Ramirez