Christine König

Dan + Lia Perjovschi

I have no time for colour

21 Mar - 16 May 2015

exhibition view I have no time for colour, 2015
Christine König Galerie
I have no time for colour
21 March – 16 May 2015

Dan and Lia Perjovschi are detectives in the milieus of global art and culture, scouts making their way through the psychogeography of contemporary life worlds, archivists and interpreters of what is the case. The Romanian pair of artists has been carrying out its explorations on an international scale since the end of the Ceausescu dictatorship, with each of them maintaining their own signature even throughout their collaborative work. Their artistic practice is one of modesty that does without all the pomp and show and glossy surfaces, opting instead for a strict reduction of means to focus on the essence of what is aesthetically worth conveying.

Lia Perjovschi, who until the 1990s was mainly known as a performance artist has long been interested in the accumulation and transfer of knowledge. She creates Mind Maps that are manifested as hand-written notes that spread out in the shape of stars. They are enigmatic messages reflecting the need for communication but also the refutation of meaning. The exhibition shows her diagrams and Mind Maps – two of which are substantially enlarged as wall pieces – on the themes of the “21st century” and “how to change the world as individual” as well as a 30-piece series of small drawings and paintings on paper and/or photography that have evolved in the past ten years: “sketches for abandoned ideas”.

Dan Perjovschi uses black markers to pursue a form of “Action Drawing”, writing epigrammatic messages on the walls of galleries and museums. In this exhibition the artist will present his condensed inscriptions and drawings on two gallery walls that are plastered with international daily papers: “XXI Culture Torture”, “Freedom of Expression” or simply “orange is scary”.

I HAVE NO TIME FOR COLOUR: this is an exhibition between perspectival thinking and everyday control, between virtuality and reality. “For me,” says Lia Perjovschi, “virtual means to have a sense for the imaginary.”
Thomas Miessgang, 2015

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