Christine König

Summer In The City

01 - 30 Jul 2016

exhibition view SUMMER IN THE CITY, 2016
01 July – 30 July 2016

Georg Baselitz * : "Women don't paint very well. It's a fact. There are, of course, exceptions. Agnes Martin or, from the past, Paula Modersohn-Becker. I feel happy whenever I see one of her paintings. But she is no Picasso, no Modigliani and no Gauguin."

[sic!] * Gabriele Fulterer + Christine Scherrer | Flora Hauser | Alejandra Hernández | Olivia Kaiser | Maureen Kaegi | Sanam Khatibi | Marlen Letetzki | Katherina Olschbaur | Justine Otto | Lea Asja Pagenkemper | Titania Seidl | Natalia Załuska

Tags: Georg Baselitz, Maureen Kaegi, Agnes Martin, Justine Otto, Lea Asja Pagenkemper, Pablo Picasso, Natalia Załuska