Christine Mayer

Antoine Catala

26 May - 30 Jun 2012

© Antoine Catala
TV Blobs, 2009
computer, pojector, sond system, TV signal
26 May – 30 June 2012

TV was this light source beaming constantly from the corner of the room, the images and sounds, fast paced entering one’s retina, flickering to the rhythm of beta waves. TV signal gelled nations, it gave a communal identity to workers at the coffee break.

From the sofa, with apathy, we let the TV signal populate our brains. TV language is one of incredible sophistication. TV employed some of the most creative thinkers of its time. TV language is specifically formatted, for instance faces always emerge dead center on the screen, while its fascination lies on debased lust and humiliation.

Now, the language itself has not changed, but the audience has left the room. The light comes from the computer screen, where one has access to all possible content at his or her fingertip. The viewer has moved from the sofa to the desk (or laps), and with this shift, he or she changed his or her physical and emotional interaction with images. It may be a small step, but a mutation has occurred.

TV is dead. It is time for its eulogy. Let’s look at it for what it was.

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