Centre international d'art et du paysage


13 Nov 2011 - 24 Jun 2012

Man should try to avoid contact with alien life forms
Curator Chiara Parisi
13 November 2011 - 24 June, 2012

The artist creates videos, performances and installations rooted in everyday life and which are operating complex relationships between the notions of artist, work and audience. Shimabuku feeds his work from little stories that he heard here and there during his numerous trips. Those stories, through performances and the setting up of actions are staged with friends, unknown people, animals or even legendary characters in a universe of dream, magic, poetry and humour. A world where the detail, the sound of the words, the origin of the names are convoked to weave together a totally unique environment.
On Vassivière island, Shimabuku will organise an anthology of the works he created for the past fifteen years. In Aldo Rossi’s building, the exhibition becomes a playful experience opened to all. In a spirit that is not unlike Fluxus’ Robert Filliou and his do-it-yourself works, Shimabuku raises questions that are related to timeless popular wisdom or even zen philosophy.
Apart from it’s playful and welcoming aspect, Shimabuku’s exhibition is clearly dedicated toward landscape as the result of a poetic observation of nature which is the place for many small lessons about life.

Tags: Robert Filliou, Aldo Rossi, Shimabuku