Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation

Interrogating Systems: CIFO 2008 Grants and Commissions Exhibition

25 Apr - 22 Jun 2008

© Federico Herrero

April 25 - June 22, 2008

The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation presents Interrogating Systems, its 2008 Grants and Commissions Programs exhibition. For the first time CIFO will present works by the award recipients of both programs in one single exhibition. The 10 emerging artists who were awarded grants are:

Alejandro Almanza Pereda (Mexico)
Johanna Calle (Colombia)
Jonathan Harker (Ecuador/Panama)
Mateo López (Colombia)
Daniel Medina (Venezuela)
Moris (Israel Meza Moreno) (Mexico)
Amilcar Lucien Packer Yessouroun (Brazil)
Luis Romero (Venezuela)
Ícaro Zorbar Sánchez Laverde (Colombia)
Francisco Valdés (Chile)
The two mid career artists selected as recipients of the Commissions Award are:

Pablo Cardoso (Ecuador)
Federico Herrero (Costa Rica)
The diverse and complex themes in the exhibition are explored with experimental and exciting forms of drawing, installation, painting and video. The two mid-career Commission Program artists Pablo Cardoso and Federico Herrero present large scale painting installations; Cardoso on the ‘fictions' related to representing landscape, and Herrero who proposes a dialectical exchange between the spheres of high art painting and popular painting as it is found in urban developments.
As with all of CIFO's Grants and Commissions Program exhibitions, the artists chosen do not respond to a curatorial structure. There is, nevertheless, a common practice of questioning, enquiry and transgression in all the artists participating in this show. This practice may take the form of a subtle and complex contextual social critique such is the case of Johanna Calle, Jonathan Harker and Moris. While others like Federico Herrero, Mateo López, Amilcar Lucien Packer Yessouroun and Francisco Valdés examine and question established notions of normality and common sense. Pablo Cardoso, Daniel Medina and Luis Romero propose new forms of cartographies that embrace the paradoxes of representing reality. In addition Alejandro Almanza Pereda and Ícaro Zorbar Sánchez Laverde contemplate the precariousness and fragility of objects.

Tags: Johanna Calle, Jonathan Harker, Federico Herrero, Mateo Lopez, Daniel Medina, Moris, Alejandro Almanza Pereda, Icaro Zorbar