C/O Berlin


16 Jul - 19 Sep 2010

MAGNUM . Shifting Media . New Role of Photography
From Robert Capa to Donovan Wylie

16 July to 19 September 2010

The exhibition illustrates the phases of modern photojournalism, tracing the more than sixty-year history of Magnum Photos alongside the changing demands of the mass media and its users.

A focal point of the exhibition is classic photo reportage—a format traditionally printed on paper, as seen in book and magazine publications as well as exhibition prints. The expanding presence of photography in the print media is evidenced in the photographs and selected magazine publications of the four Magnum founders. After all, it wasn’t particular photos that made Magnum extraordinary, but the agency’s strong presence in the media as a source for professional visual material. Magazines like Life, Look, Paris Match, Die Zeit, Der Spiegel, Stern, The Sunday Times Magazine, and Fortune on display in the exhibition demonstrate the various channels of distribution.

Tags: Robert Capa