Maramotti Collection

Industriale Immaginario

04 Oct 2015 - 31 Jul 2016

4 October 2015 – 31 July 2016

The exhibition presents works from Collezione Maramotti which have never been shown before, some belonging to the Collection's first historical group of acquisitions, while others have been recently bought or are commissioned works: the time span is quite large, from the work by Nuvolo from 1958 to more recent ones by Laure Prouvost and Elisabetta Benassi from 2013.

The works have been chosen in order to probe and illustrate some of the research in contemporary art that is explored through the use of typical industrial materials, the re-use of objects of industrial origin de-contextualized from their primary function, at the boundary between artisanal handiwork and industrial product in the creating process.

The formal outcome, the language codes and the artists' statements are very articulated: from research intimately linked to the definition of individual and collective memory, to political and social thinking on the processing and use of information, from life cycle of objects and perishability, to the search for the representation of reality and its perception between natural and artificial, to achieve together the polysemy of the work.

Works on exhibit:
Vincenzo Agnetti, Dati due istanti-lavoro vi sarà sempre una durata-lavoro contenente gli istanti dati (1963)
Elisabetta Benassi, Untitled (The Innocents Abroad) (2011), Make War Together, Make Peace Together (2013)
Lara Favaretto, Gummo III (2008)
Paolo Grassino, Analgesia (2003-2004)
Gregory Green, Suitcase Bomb #31 (NY) (1996), Nuc.Dev.Ed. #3 (10 kilotons, Plutonium 239) (1997)
Peter Halley, Snap (1996)
Matthew Day Jackson, Cult of Death (2007)
Kaarina Kaikkonen, From Generation to Generation (2001)
Krištof Kintera, Small Factory (Personal Industry L.T.D.) (2009)
Annette Lemieux, Motherland (1993)
Nuvolo, Senza titolo (1958)
Carl Ostendarp, Constancy to an Ideal Object (1991)
Laure Prouvost, car mirror eat raspeberries (2013)
Tom Sachs, Hello Kitty 20th Anniversary Model (1996)
Vincent Szarek, Amorphous and Fumed (2006)
Andrea Zittel, A-Z Wagon Station customized by Hal McFeely (2003)

Tags: Vincenzo Agnetti, Elisabetta Benassi, Lara Favaretto, Paolo Grassino, Gregory Green, Peter Halley, Matthew Day Jackson, Kaarina Kaikkonen, Annette Lemieux, Carl Ostendarp, Laure Prouvost, Tom Sachs, Vincent Szarek, Andrea Zittel