Contour - Biennial of Moving Image

Contour 2005 - 2nd Biennial for Video Art

17 Sep - 20 Nov 2005

Pauline en Timo

© Katrien Vermeire
Contour 2005 - 2nd Biennial for Video Art
17 September - 20 November 2005

Curator: Cis Bierinckx

"Two artists, Dara Birnbaum and Kerry Tribe, were the starting point for bringing together a congenial group of artists and their work. I was fascinated not only by the confrontation between two generations of artists, but also by the manifest statements Dara Birnbaum, the 'godmother' of video art, and Kerry Tribe, a young upcoming artist, expressed on a very personal level. For the selection of the other artists, I was inspired by the intensity and the vision of these two artists.
More by feel than by the idea of presenting an up-to-date sample card of video art, I started looking for those artists who support the argument I wish to elaborate, in order to reach an exciting, essential and precise discourse on 'film' and 'image'".

Cis Bierinckx, curator.


Chantal Akerman
Vasco Araùjo
Dara Birnbaum
Ellen Cantor
Honoré d’O
Manon De Boer
Dany Deprez
Anouk De Clercq
James Fotopoulos
Runa Islam
Gülsün Karamustafa
Ana Poliak
Pipilotti Rist
Hito Steyerl
Catherine Sullivan
Sam Taylor-Wood
Kerry Tribe
Katrien Vermeire

Cui Xiuwen (CN)

Tags: Chantal Akerman, Vasco Araújo, Dara Birnbaum, Manon de Boer, Ellen Cantor, Runa Islam, Gülsün Karamustafa, Pipilotti Rist, Hito Steyerl, Catherine Sullivan, Al Taylor, Sam Taylor-Wood, Kerry Tribe, Cui Xiuwen