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Vincent Gicquel

Qu'est ce que je fais là ?

30 Nov 2019 - 11 Jan 2020

Vincent Gicquel, Qu'est ce que je fais là ? , Exhibition view
Qu'est ce que je fais là ?
30 November 2019 – 11 January 2020

The only possible subject is me, my relationship to the world. There isn’t anything in my paintings that is not linked to the painter that I am, nor to the very process of creation.
Each painting contributes to the articulation of a discourse about the only possible subject of the painting : the act of painting itself.
We cannot exactly tell what my characters do, they are in movement, devoted to an activity that appears to be their reason to live.
Day after day, they repeat the same gestures over and over, with diligence and determination, and they seem to be the only ones to really know what they’re doing.

There is nothing obscure, no mystery to solve, nothing to understand. I strive to shed light on the absurdity of all actions and, canvas after canvas, I insist on their absence.
Meaning will always escape those who pursue it, every attempt for an explanation is doomed to fail.

Only a certain dose of humor or real passion for the absurd can help us appreciate my paintings and the world we live in.

Nothing has ever changed and nothing will ever change.
My perspective and the work I am attached to allow me to simply shift things around a little.

People will ask themselves all the questions they want. Questions about their own condition, their place in the universe, their certainties, death and the importance of humor.
For if there is truly nothing to understand in this world, there are certainly plenty of things to laugh at.

Vincent Gicquel