Colter Jacobsen

20 Jan - 05 Mar 2011

Exhibition view
20th January - 5th March, 2011

"Something that I tell my students is to read it once, then if you have problems with it read it a second time. Then if you still have problems, get drunk and read it a third time with a glass of wine next to you and you might get something out of it, but always think about practice. The theory in the book is to make you live better and that's what, I think, all theory should do. It's about trying to show you certain ways of constructing reality. I'm not even saying finding (I'm using my words very carefully), but there are certain ways of constructing reality that help you to live better, there's no doubt about it. When i teach, that's what I show my students - to read all this stuff without a critical attitude. Theory is not the endpoint of work, it is work along the way to the work. To read it actively is just a process that will hopefully bring us to a less shadowed place."

Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Etre un espion. Interview by Robert Storr.

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