Croy Nielsen

Benoît Maire

08 Feb - 15 Mar 2013

© Benoît Maire
Weapon In The Evening, 2013
Plexiglas, resin, metal, rayogram, crystal fragments in plastic bag
Ohne Warum
8 Febuary – 15 March 2013

Maire's work investigates continental philosophy and can be seen as an ongoing endeavor to give concrete shape to theory. Using his crudely hand-engineered tools of measurement he explores the physical world as a Quixotic metaphor for contemporary philosophy. For his show at Croy Nielsen he continues this analysis through video, sculptures, and photographs. In a meta-documented performance displayed on a computer, Maire attempts to understand his relationship with the sun, some shadows, the course of a bird, a few clouds and the sand in an arena. The show also comprises a makeshift solar diorama hanging from the ceiling, two Plexiglas shelves serving as displays of classification for a disparate array of tools such as a lambda rayogram and crystal fragments. Finally a shadow box containing porcelain shells and a tool is juxtaposed with the aforementioned video in a contrasting display of technological means of presentation and calculation. Each work is connected with one another as evidence of Maire's alchemic attempt to materialize postmodern theory.

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