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22 Oct 2013 - 11 Jan 2014

© Leonor Antunes
Fichet, 2003 (partial view)
Photo: Pedro Tropa e Teresa Santos
Work from the collection of Caixa Geral de Depósitos
22 October 2013 - 11 January 2014

Curator: Bruno Marchand

Leonor Antunes (Fichet, 2003)
De 22 a 26 de outubro
Luisa Cunha (Linha #1, 2002)
De 29 de outubro a 2 de novembro
Carmela Gross (Ilha I, 1995)
De 5 a 9 de novembro
Jorge Queiroz (Sem título, 2005)
De 12 a 16 de novembro
Rui Toscano (The Foyer Affair, 2001)
De 19 a 23 de novembro
Júlia Ventura (Images of a Jubilatory Drama [Running Athwart a Repression], 1984)
De 26 a 30 de novembro
Fernando Calhau (Sem título #241, 2001)
De 3 a 7 de dezembro
Ricardo Jacinto (Peça de embalar [double, long and surprise version], 2005)
De 10 a 14 de dezembro
Rui Sanches (Madame Récamier, Segundo David, 1989)
De 17 a 21 de dezembro
Ângelo de Sousa (Sem título [Geométrico grande], 1967)
De 23 a 28 de dezembro
Julião Sarmento (Dois amigos, 1982)
De 31 de dezembro a 4 de janeiro
Waltercio Caldas (A Mesa, 1996)
De 7 a 11 de janeiro

In the year of its 20th anniversary celebrations, Culturgest is set to hold an exhibition of the Coleção da Caixa Geral de Depósitos at its spaces in Lisbon and Porto. First started in 1983, this collection now consists of more than one thousand seven hundred works by Portuguese artists, as well as Brazilian and Portuguese-speaking African artists. Covering a multiplicity of artistic disciplines with works that spread over a period from the 19th century to the present day, the Coleção da CGD remains one of the most significant public initiatives in terms of creating a collective artistic heritage.
Necessarily partial and based on a subjective view, this exhibition takes the form of a journey through the Collection’s most significant groups of works. Like in an elliptical fiction, this path is marked both by the singularity of the works found here and by the gaps they establish between one another. The tensions, dialogues and ruptures formulated in this exhibition give rise to a fragmentary body of combinations that contribute, each in their own time and place, to the full meaning of the experience.

Tags: Leonor Antunes, Waltercio Caldas, Fernando Calhau, Carmela Gross, Ricardo Jacinto, Jorge Queiroz, Rui Sanches, Julião Sarmento, Rui Toscano, Júlia Ventura