Maja Bajević

07 - 18 Feb 2012

"To Be Continued", Palacio de Cristal, Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, 2011
Photo: Joaquin Cortés / Roman Lores
To Be Continued
7 - 18 February 2012

„To Be Continued“ is an project in progress originally conceived for the Cristal Palace in the Parque del Retiro in Madrid. In a new form, as a performance and installation, it will now be presented at the daadgalerie. The project centers around Maja Bajevic’s carefully researched archive of political and economical slogans of the past 100 years and of different areas in the world. The artist analyzed and categorized these slogans as mass media and recurring of certain phases of recent history. This archive will be open to the public in form of an installation. In addition to that, the historical and contemporary slogans will be put on stage or “advertized” anew in a performance involving several performers and lasting five days (7-11 February).

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