Daniel Buchholz

Katharina Wulff

21 Apr - 22 May 2010

© Katharina Wulff
Untitled (Landscape), 2010
oil and charcoal on canvas
30 x 40 cm
"Allô allô mein Hitlir, you na3se?"

21 April - 22 May 2010
Opening Reception on Wednesday, 21 April, 7-9 p.m.

Hello hello my Hitlir, are you sleeping? I’m coming with the boat in 30 minutes.
A very sweet man gave me a stamp to get in. Isn't that good, old potatoe?
Hhhhhh lol, I love it!
Darling - you're my apricot, my chocolate, my strawberry, my little bunny.
Hi Danger, I’m out of here. What's with Mr. Electric?
Will you come in 300 hours?
Come on, switch on the light or are you a ghost?
She’s a dirty woman and she’s bad too.
A farm egg, a donkey mare.
When she was still married, she would often give me money.
She has three children, they’re being cared for in a house in Germany.
I told you before, it's all mighty strong here, the good and the bad alike.
No, no way I'm going into the house of a woman who practices magic.
I feel quite jittery, all hot inside. The others aren't well either. It's all her doing!
It all comes from her. I was in her house this morning... I don't know, what has she done?
I don't want you to turn it into a soft cheese!

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