Daniel Reich

A Gentil Carioca

07 Jul - 16 Aug 2006


Bonter e Pedro - Carlos Contente - Fabiano Gonper - Jarbas Lopes - Laura Lima - Marinho - Marssares - Maria Nepomuceno - Paulo Nenflidio - Pedro Varela - Renata Lucas - Richardo Basbaum - Thiago Rocha Pitta - Juao Mode - Simone Michelin - Alexander Vogler - Guga Ferraz

July 7th - August 16th 2006

The Daniel Reich Gallery is very pleased to present a show of emerging Brazilian artists organized by A Gentil Carioca.

A Gentil Carioca is an artist-run gallery whose name roughly translates as “Gentle people of Rio”. It is located in the historical center of downtown Rio De Janeiro, more specifically in Saara, an area known for housing the largest outdoor market in South America. It is there, above one of the many jewelry, fashion and food and spice stores that the gallery stands. Artists included are: Botner e Pedro, Carlos Contente, Fabiano Gonper, Jarbes Lopes, Laura Lima, Marinho, Marssares, Maria Nepomuceno, Paulo Nenflidio, Pedro Varela, Renata Lucas, Ricardo Basbaum, Juao Mode Simone Michelin, Alexander Vogler, Guga Ferraz, and Thiago Rocha Pitta.

Artists and directors Marcio Botner, Laura Lima and Ernesto Neto took full advantage of the gallery’s geographical situation in designing a program that directly stems from a desire to let artists play, and art “happen”, reflecting the fertile environment of Rio. Featuring young and emerging artists, a Gentil Carioca also stands as an outlet for older artists whose work could not be featured by well-established institutions. As illustrated by its exhibition history, one of the gallery’s main aspirations resides in the nurturing and diffusion of artistic practices aware of their social, cultural, and institutional surroundings. The gallery’s educational mission also stands out, as directors insist on the gallery’s role as a radiant cultural center. In this respect, A Gentil Carioca is also seen as a social hub, allowing artists and guests from various backgrounds to gather and create a global cultural movement aiming far beyond marketing considerations and local political debates.

Besides individual and group shows curated within the gallery’s walls, A Gentil Carioca also occasionally extends to more ephemeral spaces such as the bar across the street, or the auditorium at the local cultural center, making for a very democratic, experimental and open program. In considering the works of art as particles of a larger cultural landscape, A Gentil Carioca validates their educational potential and inscribes them in an ongoing global critical discourse. By stirring the net of collectors and art lovers in general, the gallery also aims at revitalizing new ways of dwelling with art, and intensifying the artistic debate.

It is our aspiration that this exhibition will open questions as to the commonalities of artists working and adopting globally in post colonial and culturally specific contexts.

For more information, please contact the Daniel Reich Gallery at 212 924 4949.

Tags: Ricardo Basbaum, Carlos Contente, Guga Ferraz, Fabiano Gonper, Laura Lima, Jarbas Lopes, Renata Lucas, Simone Michelin, Paulo NenflÍdio, Maria Nepomuceno, Ernesto Neto, Botner E Pedro, Thiago Rocha Pitta, Pedro Varela