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No More Reality.Step 3: Shared Folder

05 Jul - 07 Sep 2008

Sharon Hayes "I march in the parade of liberty, but as long as I love you I'm not free", 2007, Performance
The Shadow Cabinet
"No More Reality.Step 3: SHARED FOLDER"
[Crowd and Performance: demonstration, public space, use of body]

5 Jul — 7 Sep 2008
Opening: Friday 4 July from 6 pm onwards

Guest Curators: Claire Staebler (FR) & Jelena Vesi? (RS)

Video/audio installations: Fia Backström and Sharon Hayes
Video screenings: Johanna Billing, Susanne Burner, Marcelo Exposito, Inventory, Ligna, Radek Community, R.E.P Group, Skart Group, Hito Steyrel, Annika Ström, Dmitry Vilensky, Henry VIII Wives (in collaboration with Horkestar, Vladmarx, BGYSS, WoO, Milos, Jelena and Ana)

Magazines, books, newspapers, posters, leaflets: Susanne Burner, Chto Delat, Sam Durant, David Ter Oganyan, Roman Ondak, R.E.P Group, Bruno Serralongue, Annika Ström, Phillipe Parreno, Version

Tags: Fia Backström, Johanna Billing, Susanne Bürner, Chto Delat, Sam Durant, Marcelo Expósito, Sharon Hayes, Roman Ondák, Bruno Serralongue, Annika Ström