De Appel

On Mobility

14 Jul - 27 Aug 2006

On Mobility exhibitions:
August 2005 De Appel Amsterdam
November 2005 BüroFriedrich Berlin
Februari 2006 Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius
May 2006 Trafó / Stúdió Galéria / Műcsarnok Budapest
July 2006 De Appel Amsterdam

Opening: Friday July 14, 6 pm.
Finissage: auction and harvest event, Saturday August 26, 4 pm.

Miklós Erhardt
Yona Friedman
Patricija Jurkšaitytė
Leopold Kessler
Andrew Miksys
Tomas Saraceno
Tomo Savic-Gecan
Sean Snyder
Åsa Sonjasdotter
Javier Téllez
Patrick Tuttofuoco
Judi Werthein
Xu Zhen

In August 2005 On Mobility started off in De Appel in Amsterdam. It travelled to BüroFriedrich in Berlin, to CAC in Vilnius, to Trafó, Stúdió Galéria and Műcsarnok in Budapest and now it is back in Amsterdam until August 27, 2006. This exhibition-as-a-series has changed at every venue. Upon its return to Amsterdam, the show is completely transformed by its predecessors and Ann Demeester, new director of De Appel, added a last contribution, the project by Javier Téllez.
Itself a migrant, the show is now what it has become through contact with other communities: it has assimilated their artists and left its own behind to put down new roots in new places.
BuroFriedrich added the works of Yona Friedman, Tomas Saraceno, Patrick Tuttofuoco and Xu Zhen. It was in 1956 that Yona Friedman wrote his manifesto L’Architecture mobile. The Berlin stage of ‘On Mobility’ celebrated the 50th anniversary of this publication, adopting as its point of departure the aim of establishing a link between the example of Friedman and other developments within Radical Architecture, and new, current forms of investigation on the same subject.
The exhibition in CAC addressed issues of global mobility with a wide range of approaches from the critical analysis of simplifying media representations of mobility to the investigation of personal stories, seeking alternatives that are often poetic or utopian. The exhibition in Vilnius reflected on it with a colourful palette of artistic reflections and added the works of Sean Snyder, Judi Werthein, Andrew Miksys and Patricija Jurkšaitytė.
The Budapest-based projects of Miklós Erhardt, Tomo Savic-Gecan and Leopold Kessler that were added to On Mobility dealt with local and regional aspects of mobility. Åsa Sonjasdotter explored the global dimension of mobility through the research of both the cultural history and current economical dynamics of potato cultivation.
The project of Javier Téllez completes the mobility pallette. His work is concerned with the transgression of ‘barriers’, social and metaphorical dividing lines that separate ‘them/the other’ and ‘us’, the ‘normal’ and the ‘pathological’.

On the opening day, July 14 2006, the On Mobility catalogue will be presented.

© Image by Marjetica Potrč

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