Distrito 4

Albrecht Tübke

05 Jun - 27 Jul 2012

© Albrecht Tübke
Caves, 2009
47 x 38 cm.
The Caves
5 June - 27 July 2012

Distrito 4 participates in Photoespaña 2012 with the exhibition of Albrecht Tübke , (Leipzig, Germany, 1971) second show after the exhibition in 2005. The Caves is his most recent project of the Carrara marble quarries in Tuscany that became the perfect open air studio to portray the fascinating working environment with interesting and rare people, landscapes and objects.

Every morning he went to the caves as one of the workers with working clothes and resistant shoes looking into the camera. The portraits he captured are typical in his photography, framing the people from head to toe in full size looking into the center of the image. Through sensitive observation and very little stage direction it was possible for the artist to create images of deep intensity. This approach is what includes him in the line of photographers such as Rineke Dijstra, Jitka Hanzlova, August Sander and Diane Arbus. Tübke is able to keep his distance and homogeneity giving way to a unique documental photography without taking away the strength of the image. This is an equilibrium that few artists achieve.

Tübke includes in the series The Caves objects that he turns into sculptures which are exempt from the White marble in the background turning into magical objects detached from their original functionality. The question of what they are is not relevant anymore, Tübke celebrates beauty and the fascination for the mysterious.

In this new body of work the artist describes the energy of the place through an artistic photography far away from journalism. The colors are reduced to a minimum; it was always very interesting for the photographer to do color photography without color. In his photography, Tübke doesn ́t want to romanticize or to glorify reality, he is always celebrating the art of omission in a sense of a formal minimalist image solution through direct takes, giving the the viewer the possibility of discovering, experimenting and understanding this world emotionally without losing the sense of reality.

Tübke has exhibitied in international Galleries, Museums and Institutions such as The Tate Britain (London), National Media Museum (London), Künstlerhaus k/haus (Vienna), Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (Dresde), Columbus Art Foundation (Ravensburg), Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Museum voor Fotografie (Antwerpen), Historisches Museum Frankurt, (Frankfurt), Danziger Projects (New York).

Tübke ́s works can be found int important international collections such as Museum Folkwang, Sammlung DZ Bank, Sammlung Künne, Sammlung Loulakis, Artfund of the Free State of Saxonia, Martin Z. Margulies Collection, Rubell Family Collections, Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Tags: Diane Arbus, Jitka Hanzlová, August Sander, Albrecht Tübke