Matthias Weischer

25 Mar - 13 May 2006

Matthias Weischer

Matthias Weischer uses the classical subject of an interior. Arrangement, easels, photographs, textiles and figures create a still – life related atmosphere. These elements find their position in a world, which went slightly but perceivable out off joint. Uncertain spatial circumstances and references between fore - and background are complicating the orientation for the viewer.
In the center of his works is the examination of space as well as the playful use of ornaments.

For realization of the room and its lighting conditions, color gains more and more importance. Color and light are used for the composition of space and to open the hermetically sealed rooms of his former artworks for daylight thus for the outside world. In addition public spaces like museums complete the image repertoire of private living spaces.

Weischer’s works are complex: both, the subject of the interiors themselves, as well as their realization in detail on the canvas challenge the viewer and give him the possibility to explore the world behind the image. Rich and paste-like planes, the visual and even haptic character of color application, show us still a way of painting, which was done for the sake of painting.

© Matthias Weischer
”Treppchen”, Oil, Tempera on Canvas
210 x 280 cm, 2006

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