Ellen de Bruijne

Rune Peitersen

16 Jul - 20 Aug 2011

© Rune Peitersen
Looking at Seeing
16 July - 20 August, 2011

The retinal image is an image in a mathematical sense; it is a projection or a mapping. The retinal image is not an image in the sense of picture – or, if it is, this is entirely accidental. How it looks, or how it reads, plays no role in its performance of its neuropsychological job description. Once we appreciate that the retinal image isn’t something that we see, we lose a grip even on what it means to say that it’s upside down. Upside-down, one must ask relative to the tasks faced by the nervous system?
[...] Again, we don’t experience the retinal image; we don’t experience any image, in that sense. We experience the world.

Alva Noë, Out of our heads. Why you are not your brain, and other lessons from
the biology of consciousness, 2009

At Ellen de Bruijne Projects, the 3rd and final installment of Rune Peitersen’s project, Saccadic Sightings will be on view. Last year’s presentation was focused on the relation between art and science, and the position of these two disciplines in relation to our ideas on the perception of reality. This year, Rune Peitersen, goes back to his initial question it all started from: What do we see, when we look at something.
In Saccadic Sightings this question is investigated already in a very strict way. But Peitersen is also interested in going beyond, to the question of: how do we create an opinion, how do we create meaning?
To further investigate different ways of approaching these questions, Peitersen invited a number of artists on 21st of July to reflect on what it is or means to “see”.
It will be an evening of fascinating, touching, rational, inspiring presentations, musings and performances in which questions will be raised – and possibly answered – about how artists look at and see the world, and how they use this process in their work.
Invited artists: Gwenneth Boelens, Katrin Korfmann, Roland Schimmel, Martijn Schuppers, Rein Jelle Terpstra en Ruth Verraes.

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