Emanuel Layr

Marius Engh

Double Bill

12 May - 21 Jul 2018

Marius Engh, DOUBLE BILL, 2018
Installation view, Galerie Emanuel Layr Rome
Double Bill
12 May – 21 July 2018

Santa Susana

Now you lay here, in front of me
Or I am here beside you
Along your winding pass road
Your magnificent
And wounded body
Like all life you came from the sea
Rose up with the sun

First, I came to see
The burned down Spahn Ranch
It’s half-moon ground
Covered in high dry weeds
Stories of crime still lingering
Like cricket’s crackle in the thicket
The Son of Man is dead

I am greeted by your attributes
Shaped as vigilant gigants
In your eye sockets
There are petroglyphs
In shade of the highest sun
I follow your features
Rising above and under
Burned rubber skid marks

Needle stitches
Diving into tunnels
Throughout the rugged land
Freight trains slides
Out the die of a coin

Bring your cross and
Put up your box in Box Canyon

The shape of a wide brimmed hat
Cut out above the door
To make them leave
The movie ranch
People search prophetic charisma
In the Atomic Stone Age
Panic in the year zero

Machine operators
Cowboyed up missile programs
King of the Rocket Men
Nuclear reactors melt
Sodium burn
Runs down from Burro Flats
With their hats
Covering their heads

Fucked up
Junked up
Now, some make up
Paint it a similar color
Color it Crimson Ghost
Reanimate it and drape the scene
Your face is a picture
A zap shadow

I stay behind a rock
Like born under a rock
I cover it up
It covers me up
In shade
In sleep

Don’t tread on me
I read your flag
No trespassing
I read your sign
Ye who enters here
Enters upon holy ground
I read your gate

I entered through
A dried-out creek
A depressed fracture in
The Shimiji Hills
It’s Christmas day
And no one around
Graffiti show the way

Arrows point into the deep
Creepy crawling
Gargled passages
The sandstone is worn
To dust and nothing
Swirling spirals formed by breath
Still there are walls
Too tight to pass
I crawled back up to take a shit

Descending, again
Grinding myself through
On all four
Sliding and holding
Back from falling
Into the light of my torch
I reach a room
Covered in carved and painted scrawling
Imagery and letters
Youths joyous despair
I turn off the light
And listen to the heart of the hill
Coming out of my ears

Out in the night
The pass lay in gloom
Blinded by a neon cross
A tombstone’s doom
Over you
And your garden
The garden of the gods

– Marius Engh (Oslo, April, 2018)

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