Espacio Minimo

Diferencia y Acuerdo

10 - 24 Mar 2012

© Yang Jing
Double Happiness, 2007
Óleo sobre lienzo
170 x 130 cm
10 - 24 March, 2012

Diferencia y acuerdo reflects on the subversion of codes that exemplify the modus operandi of the agreement that points out gender differences in the representation field. The group show will comprise works by:

Manu Arregui (Santander, 1970)
Risk Hazekamp (La Haya, 1972)
Yang Jing (Beijing, 1976)
Sarah Lucas (Londres, 1962)
Yasumasa Morimura (Osaka, 1951)
Catherine Opie (Sandusky, Ohio, 1961)
Liang Yuanwei (Xi’an, China, 1977)

Tags: Manu Arregui, Lu Liang, Sarah Lucas, Yasumasa Morimura, Catherine Opie, Liang Yuanwei