Espacio Minimo

Norbert Bisky

18 Sep - 08 Nov 2014

© Norbert Bisky
18 September - 8 November 2014

Riots is the second individual exhibition of NORBERT BISKY in Espacio Minimo Gallery and shows new canvases and works on paper related to the recent phenomena of unrests and rioting in a site-specific installation.

The show will combine painting and installation. The focus of the paintings is on the aesthetics of violent groups, the pattern of demonstrating masses, and lonely “heroes”.

Bisky does not take a side in political conflicts but instead researches the aesthetics and fascinations with rebelling groups and their traditional between historical paintings (Goya) and more recent posts and selfies in social media.

The center of the exhibition is a huge portrait of an unknown rioter that questions our fascination with heroes and is combined with an installation that reflects the traces left behind by riots.

The artist shifts the focus away from the content and onto the abstract elements and formal qualities of the paintings.

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