Eva Presenhuber

Urs Fischer

12 May - 02 Jun 2006

Galerie Eva Presenhuber is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Swiss artist Urs Fischer. On view will be new sculptural and graphic works.

Urs Fischer may be young in years (he was born in Zurich in 1973), but his creative oeuvre reveals great wealth and diversity, ranging from painting and drawing to sculpture, installation, and graphics. Fischer never ceases to transgress or even burst the common standards of art, the boundaries of reality, the realms of possibility. His works transform, distort and reconceive a priori given objects into something novel, thereby sending the observer on a fantastic journey of seeing and experiencing spatiality. Fischer's works abound with hidden allusions, associative combinations, and humor, without falling short of gravitas.

With a view to our exhibition in Zurich, Urs Fischer will be presenting his latest sculptures, which surprise with an outstanding mixture of motion, dynamism, and poetry. One extensive sculpture, for instance, consists of a light bulb hanging from the ceiling and swinging, by means of an engine, in cyclical, rhythmical movements, thus performing a symbolic division of the room in which it is installed. Another sculpture shows a pair of legs and foots, cast out of silicone. The right leg and foot stands still and relaxed, the left one is constantly and nervously jiggling. A very familiar situation in our times. This sculpture or mechanical robot is once again driven by an engine. By their three-dimensional nature, both pieces of work redefine space, challenging our all-too familiar conception of spatiality and, at the same time, giving a new meaning to the way things function. On display is also a 5-piece sculpture with the theme of body parts with holes. The show will be rounded off by groups of the artist's recent graphic works.

For further information, please contact Anna Caruso at Galerie Eva Presenhuber.

© Urs Fischer

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